Hey, I hope you had  a great weekend and good start of the week! 
Sales started everywhere, have you get anything nice yet? I decided to buy ONLY things that I really love or need this year, which means no clothes that I will never ever wear.I found myself love everything Chanel or "chanely" recently, little tweed jackets etc and I would die if I could get Chanel espadrilles (sold out EVERYWHERE). Looking for some inspiration, I loved the Chanel Cruise 2013 campaign with Cara Delevingne (off course) and Saksia de Brauw. Marie Atoinette vibe mixed with oriental and classic Chanel look and gold, blue, pink, metallics, purple and white&red! I love the palette! Inspired me to create a Chanel living room in similar colors! xx

More photos of the campaign:

I love those cages, they're just too beautiful!!!

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