As I already told you I recently moved to my first apartment that I rent on my OWN!
I have to say that I was pretty happy to find it, because it's in the good location and close to my family, but it needed some work done!
The apartment is rented so I think nobody really took care of the decoration before, but I decided to give it a fresh touch. It's not really mine do I decided not to spend a lot of money on it , just a minimum budget to make it look nice and modern.
The first thing I took care of was the entry way. It was covered in a horrible, ORANGE (grrr) wallpaper and I just HAD to remove it!!
So with a great help of my boyfriend, I changed the wallpaper for a new one.
I have to admit that the worst part was actually to take out the old wallpaper (turned out there was more that one layer-What the heck??)

I didn't have the hot water machine to do it so I just used this:

You mix it with water and put on the existing wallpaper and wait and after some time the wallpaper comes off really easily.

To put a new wallpaper you will need:
the wallpaper
the glue
tools kit 

So this is how my entry way looked before:
You can't really see the colour of it, but it really was orange and look old and not nice AT ALL. 

So I got to work..

 I decided to go with this white-beige wallpaper with motifs and the grey-shiny one.

The Ikea lampshade

 Anddddd... Tadammmm

What do you think??


Thank you!

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