I was on one of my favorite websites Glitter Guide yesterday and I found the article about something called drybar. I didn't know it so I went to their website and...I got psyched!! About their interiors!! When I first saw the picture of the outdoor I thought it was a cute shop or a bar!
Turned out it's a hair salon (that don't cut or dye your hair but only style it! Perfectly I imagine!!)
But let's get to this amazing interiors!! So glamour and girly, I could go to do my hair everyday just to have a chance to sit there!! I will definitely go there when I'll be in US!!! 
And guess what, they're also organizing parties so why not have some cocktails, get your hair amazingly done and then go for the girl's night out!! How fun is that??

Look at this front !

Oh hello amazing mirror, cute wallpaper and marble, I am next in the line!

 Yellow +metallic wallpaper+vintage photographs yes please!

 Yeah, no problem, I'll wait, yes a cup of tea would be great, thank you. I totally love the reception.

Photos from the website

 ps.love their cute website as well!

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