How about some vintage accessories for the office?
I am not big fan of vintage stuff but those are too cute to miss! Starting with this wooden, camera shaped tape dispenser for washy or regular tape, awesome accessory  for a desk!!
And I love this gold stapler, life in the office would be so much more glamour if we could only use items that beautiful and shiny!
I don't know if you guys used to use those telephones, but I remember when I was a little girl and my Grandma still had one of those. Seems pretty vintage now with all the iPhones and technology, but It's kinda fun to dial the number this way. So Lana Del Rey ;)
I love the globe as well, it's simple but gold makes it a little bit more sophisticated! 
This basket it fun. Why not keeping some sketches or umbrellas inside?
Wallpaper is always a good idea to add some volume and pop of color to the room, I like this one for a vintage touch.
And this olden Ipad skin will be perfect for a vintage fan!

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