In today's world of emails and phones communication, the letters are a bit forgotten.
I personally love writing letter, postcards, notes and every other form of personal, paper communication.
There is nothing nicer than to receive one of those or send it to somebody. 
Remember Cartas de Amor by Jane Ramos?
To make you feel like visit the post office more often, I feature those cute, personalized stamps today!
Aren't they amazing?
Discovered via Cup of Jo
to buy at Paper Pastries 
all of the stationery here



                                                       Yours truly, 


  1. Very good inspiration behind these beautiful office accessories. I do agree with you words day by day people forgetting these things because now a days you just believe in electronic wold so tese things should be beautiful for getting back the standard.

  2. ah! i saw it in Bazar Hotel de Ville! awesome! <3


Thank you!

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