So it's finally happening guys, I start my Interior Design course today! I am more than excited and a little nervous, it has been my dream for a while now and I am so happy I made it happening for myself. I will attend the Interior Design School in Queen's Park and I will be more then happy to share my impressions, work and progress with you guys!
In a meanwhile here is a little list of things I will need:


1. A notebook. The first thing on the list sent by the school and obviously every student  first thing to buy. I LOVE this monogrammed notebook from LetterLoveDesigns on Etsy. Different colours and monograms to choose from, I want it!
2. A roomy bag. To hold all this stuff and more.
3.A Starbucks VIP card for all skinny hazelnut lattes I will get there.
4. New Iphone cover-ok, not essential but would look sooo good next to my ear.
5.Sketching paper and colored pencils (7) So excited to practice my drawing skills soon.
6. File boxes to keep everything organized at home.
8. Good desk lamp -loving this one from Haus Interior
10. I will have to think about a subscription to my fave interior design magazines: Elle Decor, House & Garden, AD to always keep updated and it's a great inspiration source as well.

Wish me luck now xxx

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