This December has been surprisingly  warm in London, but it doesn't mean that the holiday spirit is not in the air! It's really christmasy around, with loads of Christmas Markets and the Winter Wonderland, crowds on high streets, beautiful store windows and street decorations. But what I enjoy most is the way people celebrate holidays in here.
First of all I don't think that there is really any other place in the world where people like to dress up so much. Bunny ears or banana outfit in the subway are quiet a usual thing in London and at Christmas time is all about reindeer red jumpers and snowflakes head band!! The way to make you smile in the morning!!
Then is there something more Christmasy then having a glass (see bottle) in an English pub with a mistletoe and wreaths all around and an actual chimney? I don't think so!  
Also lucky for those who work in big companies and have a chance to have a real office Christmas party! 
Egg nog and Christmas jumpers plus a lot to gossip about the next day- sign me in!
I am so glad to live here and enjoy the Christmas countdown with everyone else!


How cute are Arsenal players wearing those jumpers for charity?

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