Hi there! I hope you had a great week! I am excited about the weekend, going to buy some furniture for my bedroom tomorrow FINALLY. I am redoing it as soon as possible and you can expect a before/after post most probably next weekend!I have this bed side table very similar to the one on the first picture below and looking for some inspiration for styling it! I am getting this Ikea bed (designer one will have to wait) and the bedroom will be painted in white so I want to add some color and I am dying to get a gold lamp as well. Let's see what I'll hunt and here are some pictures I love!

I really like this one, the accessories look great and the frame on the wall is lovely and matches the finish of the table.

Loving the red marble and gold lamp here!

Such a girly room and an awesome gold lamp again!! And how cute is this little dog as well? 

Definitely a yes for those flowers and a dark wood with the white lamp.

This dark wall looks great as well.

Vintage and fun, mid-century in its best.

The bed is a little too fussy but I love the night stands in different colors and the gold accents!!

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