There is no news in saying that we can find real vintage treasures shopping online (I have to get my hands on all those amazing second hand stuff on Ebay by the way) but when it comes to furniture our first destination are usually big retailers and well known brands.
Well fair enough, but inspired by Emily Henderson's series "Trolling Craiglist....." which I LOVE, I decided to hunt much more popular in UK Gumtree website and see if I can find any vintage treasures myself!
Apparently yes, even though they wouldn't probably work in high end projects, I can see so much potential to rework/reupholster/redo and it's such a great way on saving money and have totally original pieces with some personality. If you don't believe my word, just have a look as this project, using only flea market and thrift stores finds! Pretty amazing, huh?

So here they go.

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