The weekend is upon us FINALLY and I thought it would be a good idea to share some great movies I recently saw and loved in case you are planning to spend it under covers.
Each one of them is different but all of them really good and I am sure you will enjoy them no matter if you watch them with friends or on a date.
Let me know if you have any for me, I will make sure to will find some time to watch it this weekend!

Love, Rosie
A lovely story about 2 friends who keep missing each other in love.

Begin again
Keira Knightley plays a girlfriend to a rock star (Adam Levine ladies!) who tries to make it on her own.

Not so depressing story about a guy who tries to beat cancer.

I walk the line
Johny Cash moving biography with amazing music and actors. It will leave you with a playlist you can’t get enough of.

Obvious Child
Bittersweet and very funny story about 20 something New Yorker who falls pregnant and tried to deal with it.

The Spectacular Now
Highschool love story, yet very different to what you think it is. More “500 days of Summer” than “She’s all that”

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