Is it October already? Where did the time go and why is there never enough of it?? Anyways, I am painting the walls of my flat this weekend and I am actually pretty excited about it. Not about the actual 8 hours labor and aching arms but about the idea of the creamy/yellowish nightmare disappearing from my life FOREVER (lets hope). I live with my sister and as the landlord wanted us to paint it in off white and not white we have chosen a paint called Soft Pebble which looks like a pale taupe and I think it's going to look really good. I am also very excited about redecorating my bedroom which is the tiniest ever and can only fit a double bed, chest of drawers and a small chair/ottoman but as I already have the chair and the Malm drawer from Ikea, it's more about the accessorizing, art etc. I hope to share the before/after soon, but for now I am constantly looking for glamorous inspirations, I really want a fur throw and nice scatters and I want to be soothing and feminine. Here are some of my favs bedrooms and a quick moodboard I put together last night so you can get the idea. It's a rented apartment so I don't want to spend tooooo much money but still want to buy things I can take with me when I move.

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