I know a lot of you probably don't like Valentines, think that is a commercial holiday that has nothing to do with real love, buttt there is always a good time to say somebody you love that you do, right? And it doesn't necessarily have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend!!  Well to be anti- anti valentines, there is some heart-warming stuff to keep the love spirit in the air!!

1//Personalized bracelet found on Etsy!! So cute and you can put the name of the person you love on it! <3
2//  Hot red bra!
3// How cute is this clutch found on Ahalife? And it's called Kissy face! :)
4/ Heart heart hearts from farfetch
5// Heart jumper to keep your warm! (Well if bf is not around)
6// It's tiny and heart shaped, how can you not love it?
7// Promise ring?
8// Hearts can be cool as well!!!
9// A little love to your jewelery box

with love xx

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