Having a look back at the blog I realized that there are not many articles/features/inspirations for the male part of the readers. There are few reasons for that, including myself being quiet girly and having most of the visitors being girls! So I thought more of a masculine touch is needed and picked some inspirations for the ultimate bachelor pad decor. Not liking to generalize at all, I have to admit that those interiors feel very masculine with simple, natural materials, monochromatic color scheme, leather accents and industrial/loft feeling to it.

So gentlemen there are few tips on how to create a similar interior:

1. Keep it simple. Huge loft or a rental bedroom, chose your furniture carefully and go for quality, not quantity. The space shouldn't be packed with things, but feel airy and spacious.

2. Go for raw. Wooden floor and white concrete or brick walls will add this industrial touch to the space and make the rest of the decor pop. You can add black and white posters and quirky art and display them on the wall.

3. Invest in leather. Brown or black good quality sofa or armchair look sophisticated and styled with vintage accessories will make you feel like Indiana Jones.

4. Search flea markets and vintage shops for accent furniture, accessories and books. You may find real treasures and make your space unique. Try Alfie's Market  (also featured here) or some of Shoreditch antique shops if you are in London.

5. Let the light in. Make the most of your windows and don't hide them behind the curtains. Choose the blinds if necessary to hide from the neighbors' eyes.

6. Use natural, primary materials for accessories and soft furbishing to create a masculin, "raw" look. Untreated wood, glass, metal, fur, leather, linen, wool, hand made ceramics are what you should look for. Keep the color palette simple and quiet monochromatic. Whites, black, browns, dark blues, oranges and grays will be the perfect choice.

Few items you may like to use :


 More lighting here

Remember Schmidt, Winston and Nick from New Girl? They are living in an awesome loft in LA so watch for some inspiration and obviously for a good laugh!

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