Hi you guys. It's been a while, how you've been? Coming back to the blog, I feel like I am reuniting with a friends I didn't have time to see for too long and now I am thrilled and guilty in the same time.
It's been a crazy couple of weeks with holidays in New York (AND coming back to work with the biggest jet lag EVER), looking for new apartment and just the every day life. 
Well now the apartment is found (I am moving in the end of the month), and even though the life hasn't gone any slower, I am trying to find time for what i enjoy so much and what is blogging here about interior design.

First post after a while and as I am looking for some inspiration for the new home, 
have a look at those amazing bedroom chest of drawers, I just love the way they're styled!
Most of them would fit even in the smaller spaces and the good thing is you can totally change the way the room looks by styling the top if it! I can't wait to do mine ( I have the white Ikea Malm).

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