On lazy Sundays like today, I only really need few things to get me by. I don't do that every weekend but sometimes you just can't help buy need a chilled-out day at home.

My absolute Sundays (and also cold evenings) essential is a chunky jumper (6),
that I wear with a pair of black leggings and long socks (5) -there is seriously nothing more comfortable to wear at home!! Sunday morning is usually the only day I stay in bed a little longer, just a moment of pure laziness watching Ellen Degeneres on my phone. And isn't it so much better waking up in a pretty, fresh bedding? The best feeling in the world. I recently discovered a brand called Parachute with luxury bedding (1) manufactured in Italy and I would love to get a set. Moving to the sofa I cannot do without a blanket (7) and a scatter cushion (2) for my back. I am always on my laptop working on something so it's a must! I also cannot do without liters of tea so a big mug (4) is always on the coffee table along with some nuts and dried fruits (3) to snack on (it's like an addiction). And last but not least I really like the candles from Colonial candle (8) - I found mine in TK Max so have a look there - they really smell nice and burns slowly. 

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