I came across this design/real estate firm a while ago but didn’t really look into their portfolio until today. And guess what? I loved it!

They are based in Paris and design, re-design and sell the most beautiful and chic apartments!! Most of them in Haussmannian buildings, the ones we all associate Parisian lifestyle with and with the most amazing views. I love the architecture in Paris, I am so jealous of people who get to wake up and see it every day! I love London but I would gladly switch the architectures around.

The spaces they create are so inspirational, the architecture itself, the details of the apartments, the plastering, the marble fire places, wooden floors, it's all so beautiful! The classic bones of the apartments hold elegant, charming and timeless interiors with beautiful finishes. Even the leopard print chairs look elegant in here thanks to the subtle colours and carefully chosen furniture and accessories. The best of Parisian design!!

Also, have a look at the incredible before/afters!

All pictures via A + B KASHA

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