I am back!! After Christmas/ New Year's Eve spent in London I have more positive energy then ever!! I can feel that this year is going to be awesome! It's going to be all about changes, hard work and fun!!  This is my first post this year so I would like to wish you all all the best, to take this year, squeeze it and make the best of it!! I wish you to follow your dreams and your heart and believe in yourselves! The rest will follow!

So for the first post, I would like to introduce you guys to Ramzi Musa and his artwork! I discovered his talent through my sister, who was modeling for his scarfs collection and I instantly fell in love with his paintings. So colorful, joyful, full of expression and passion. I love love LOVE them.

And just look and those amazing portraits!
Regardez ces magnifiques portraits!

  The adress of DegreeArt Gallery, that Ramzi works with here.

And there is my sis, posing for the collection!!! Awwww!

Those scarfs are so gorgeous, 100 % silk and look like little works of art! You can shop the collection in HERE.


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