If you knew me, you'd know that I really love stripes. Like really. Every time there is something stripy in the store my eyes are going there and my feet follow. I don't know why, is just something about them that I love. It gives a fresh, modern look to the outfit and it works for interiors too.  You have to be careful not to get a "sailor look" when you use stripes and I think it's safer to use vertical, rather then horizontal ones when it comes to interior. They look great with bright colors, pink, green, white and gold.

I love Alexa'a Chung's top and how she styled it with this leopard hat! And to the person who made those stripes balloons: I love you!!

all images via pinterest

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  1. oh yes this look ist great! Love it - i´ve got one black/white colored Pillow and i wish i had bought several.



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