Valentines day is coming and seems like everything is screaming V A L E N T I N E S!! Websites are all about gifts but I think its the less important thing on this day. I believe is more about making the one you love feel even more special and remember how much you mean to each other.
I like personalized, DIY gifts, something you prepare yourself is the most valuable. 

Why not to write a love letter? If you didn't see it yet, check Cartas de Amor, digital Valentines mag by Jen from MadebyGirl for some inspiration or just to get in the mood, so romantic!

 I think the great idea is also to throw a little party for 2 at home, cook something special, buy champagne, dress sexy and just enjoy each other company. What will make it special is personal touch in decorations and food, some ideas here.

If you are single, why not to  call some girlfriends and make it a fun "pajama party" style night? No whining about men though, just wine and fun.

Are you guys planning something special for Valentines day or you'll just play a movie and call it a night? xx


  1. i completely agree with you about a romantic night at home. we recently did that for my boyfriend's birthday and it was lovely :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog, i am your newest follower and would love if you did the same!

    1. Hello Molly, thank you for visiting my blog! I can't seem to find where did you follow me!! Please tell me so I can do the same!!


Thank you!

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