Hey there, I hope you had a great weekend! Today something for the little ones!
I found those amazing kids' rooms pictures and wanted to share them with you, as well as some decorative objects to create similar spaces.

I like the colour palette of this room, white+rainbow makes it cosy, but not too stuffy.

I love this mirror and animal toys plus pink accents, girly but not too sweet. Perfect for a little princess.

How amazing are those hanging beds?? Great idea for a room at the attic. I like the portraits of the kids hanged on the walls behind the beds, super cool to personalize the shared space.

The carousel in the room? Yes yes!! And oh how great the stripy curtain looks?? Take a look at this tiny guitar in the corner!!

Map world for little dreamer and colorful books displayed on the shelfes to add some colors.
 It's a yes from me!

Love those paper decorations, the limit is your imagination!


  1. these are really gorgeous!


  2. Love these rooms! If you want go to my blog:)


Thank you!

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