Hey gorgeous creatures! It's almost weekend here in Europe and since the sun finally showed up I am even more glad about it. We didn't see sun since ages here in Paris, it started to get depressing. Anyyywayy it's weekend and weekend means seeing my girlfriends and this means there will be some good wine involved! We are having raclette tonight in my cousin's place and obviously there is no raclette without a wine (come on). It probably should be served with red one but since we are big suckers for a white moelleux... Here is a picture from last week's raclette (no, we don't do it every weekend lol!) during potatoes boiling, already with a glass of wine in my hand. 

But I wasn't about to talk about fromage et charcuterie but about my new obsession: the wine stoppers. To be honest I didn't even know that they can be so pretty! It's such a cute and useful gadget, great accessory for the table and kitchen.And makes drinking wine and dining even more fabulous! Aren't' they awesome?? 

Skull&Bones // Antler  // Owl // Heart // Pink Cristal Ball // Rose Quartz // Wolf // Cheetah

 Have a nice weekend everyone!! I hope you have a lot of sun!

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