I feel so bad for not blogging everyday, I've been so busy and stressed with my moving to London, I feel like I will forget things and it's stressing me out a lot. I just want to be in London already with everything unpacked and in the glass of wine in my hand!! In the same time, I feel like I will miss everybody in Paris so much, friends, family, colleagues and I don't want time to fly so fast!! Well it is and I have only a few days left to enjoy everybody's company! It's going to be an intense week (and weekend).

In the meantime there is some stuff I liked lately!!
Starting with not so new but new for me, the "Meet the designer" section in online, amazing "Rue Magazine". Interviews with designers, talks about their careers, inspirations and daily life, it couldn't be more interesting and inspiring! Here are 3 from recent issues of the Magazine: with Chris Barret, Nathan Turner and Tom Delavan!

Then goes this beautiful cup, perfect for Easter table from Zara Home.

Speaking about travelling and moving, how beautiful is this briefcase/laptop bag from Parfois? I fell in love! So chic, so la la la (or something like that Carrie Bradshaw once said)

And there is also a picture from the "goodbye brunch" I threw last Sunday for my friends and family, we had so much fun, ate a lot, played silly games, I regret I didn't organize it before! I had great time preparing food for everybody, I think I woke up the hostess sleeping in me and I will definitely do brunches like that more often (in London).


  1. Wow moving to London how exciting! Living in Paris then living in London...not bad girl!! I actually want to try and travel to both London and Paris. I have been to London before but not Paris. I hope to get to Paris in the fall or next spring just hard to find someone who can afford it and has the time off/schedule as I do. And would also like to take the 2 hour train and spend some time in London.

    Ali of


    1. Paris is so beautiful in both, spring and fall!!! Those are the best periods to go!!! Let me know when you are in London, we'll go for an afternoon tea :D And hey, you are the luckiest one, living in NYC!!!


Thank you!

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