Even if for the past few days the weather hasn't been the bestest here in London, I am pretty sure it's going to get better soon. And with good weather will come... the picnic's season!!! 
I don't know about you guys, but I just love picnicking with my friends! 
Home-made food, sun, fresh air, a lot of laugh and a sunset at the end of the day, the best things in life are free, right? So here is my list of picnic essentials, ready? (Order of packing optional)

1. Not to glamorous, but necessary, insect repellent spray. To not have to go home when the mosquitoes come out.
2. High sun screen for the first moments outside, even if you can feel it, the sun is still heating.
3. A blanket. You can use any you have at home or buy a special one, you only gonna use for picnics! The funnier, the better!
4. Plastic wine glasses to keep it chic but safe!
5. Sunglasses. Because of the sun thing again. I like to keep it classic with raybans, but look here for ideas.
6. The picnic basket is a handy thing and will make everything so much easier and organized. Choose one with dishes and cutlery included like this from Zara Home or Oliver Bonas.
7. Little music never heard anybody, just make sure you don't disturb your picnic neighbors! Loving this pastel digital radio!
8. Solar charging lights are perfect if you wanna stay a little longer! And will look great on the blanket!
9. A thick sweater will keep you warm when the sun will start to go down.
10. We would always play games while picnicking, the whole idea is to do something fun and feel like kids for one day, right? Remember Twister everyone?
11. Cute hat to keep it chic and not to get a sun stroke!
12. Good wine. Why didn't I start with that?
13. Comfortable shoes. I bet on easy to take off and fashionable espadrilles! Dyeing to get Chanel ones btw!

And if it comes to picnic spots here in London, my favorite for now is definitely Primrose Hill with an amazing view! Directions here. Check the oficial webiste to be sure you know all the parks!!

Any other spots?? Please share!!!!

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