I finally managed to go and see the Great Gatsby yesterday. My sister saw it about a week ago and went on and on about how great the movie was and couldn't stop listening to the soundtrack. And I know why now. Going to cinema I was kind of scared that it will disappoint me. I couldn't be more wrong. This movie is a masterpiece. Starting with great actors (Leonardo DiCaprio is obviously always great and Carey Mulligan did a great job playing Daisy). The story is based in the 20s in New York and everything is shown in such a wonderful, beautiful way you fell in love instantly. Music has so much to do with that, it's amazing how they managed to make hip-hop matches the 20s spirit. Baz Luhrmann is a genius. With the great story, great music, great actors and great costumes, comes great scenography. We can thank the director's wife, the designer Catherine Martin for taking us back in time. I mean like: Oh my god I wanna live in the 20s kind of way. The interiors in the movie are incredible, full of gold and splendor, art-deco details and patterns, marble, polished wood and crystal chandeliers. 
I am so in love with everything.

That is what I call a party.

I love this couch!

How beautiful is this living room?


Chandelier, chandelierr!!!


And here is my version of Gatsby's style interior for a living room.

1.Art deco Wallpaper | 2.Dark blue Sofa | 3.Velvet Armchairs | 4.Black lacquer Side tables | 5.Geometric Table lamps | 6.Disco ball Chandelier | 7.Themed Rug by Catherine Martin 
| 8.Glass&Brass Coffee table | 9. Round gold Pillow | 10. Vintage Phone similar the one in the movie| 11.Gatsby's party style Wine glass

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