I find myself loving all things "boho" lately so anything in the style is catching my eye.
I was going through French Architectural Digest from (June 2013) and came across a beautiful NYC home of a fashion designer Diave von Furstenberg.Located in the Meatpacking District at Manhattan, the house looks very contemporary from the outside, being made with glass and steel and hides a bohemian interior, that mixes all possible styles.The house is not packed with furniture but is so full of colors, prints and textures, personal objects, pictures, artworks and that fills the place in a bohemian, glamorous way. The place looks and breaths Diane von Furstenberg, the 70's rebel spirit and freedom. Tour of the house via AD

Those Franz West chairs look amazing here.
I also love how she uses the table for both dinning and work!

How perfect are these details?

This is one of the most amazing bedrooms I have ever seen!

Mix of patterns!

Awesome or awesome?

Get Diane's bohemian style!!
1.Faux zebra pillow | 2.Decorative boxes | 3. Globe | 4. Gold cutlery | 5. Wooden console | 6. Graphic towel | 7.Leopard rug [ 8. Ceramic vase | 9. Peach and gold pot | 10. Salvador Dali inspired lips sofa | 11.Brown leaf vases | 12.Snake tray | 13.Printed napkins | 14. Boho glass

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