I am sorry for not being here at all lately, I feel like I am cheating on my blog, is it normal, you guys?
I've been caught in a busy rhythm of  London life and didn't have any spare time on my hands. I wish days had more hours and I didn't have to sleep so much ! Last week between work, birthday celebrations and dinners I hardly had a time to relax, this week the lack of sleep is coming back as a boomerang hitting me in the head. But I am so happy to be in London trying to make my dreams come true and having so much fun.

Being on tight budget for now I always try to find some affordable stuff to create beautiful looking interior inspirations. I know starting your life in a new country, new city, new job is though and often is hard to put everything together, especially in terms of money. For me being surrounded by nice environment at home is the base of feeling good and having it all together. And I believe that tight budget shouldn't be an obstacle when comes to live well.

So here is an idea of an elegant bedroom decor for 350£. xx

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