Tempted to see all interior design related places in London, I went to visit Alfies Antique Market 
in Edgware Road last week and I have to say it was pretty cool. I was expecting big and busy entrence but instead I found it hidden in a side street, inconspicuous and calm.You recognize being in the right place by the antiques looking at you from the windows. And when you are already inside, there is the whole new world materializing in front of you.
Everything from the floor to the ceiling is screaming vintage and the place and even people working there seem like from different times. I really loved the place, because of so many wonderful things you can find there: furnitures, lamps, chandeliers, kitchen trays, silver and gold cutlery, original vintage perfume bottles, glasses, buckets, frames, jewelery, vases, sculptures etc etc.
There is a lot of original sofas, armchairs, coffee tables but also a lot of affordable decorative stuff you would just love to have at home. I fell in love with the set of purple armchairs from the 50s and a dark pink sofa, that I unfortunately couldn't capture on pictures because of the place policy!
If you have few spare hours I'd definitely recommend a trip to see and maybe buy some home decor!

Here are few pictures I took thanks to the kindness of the shopkeepers that let me!

Lovely loupe with a chess board print!

Crystal sugar-bowl ans millions of vases!

I want a mirror like that in my bedroom!

Silver tray

Black lacquered desk

What a beautiful mirror/wall lamp

Glass heaven!

Wonderful original French frames with Svarovsky crystals!

My totally favourite- wooden Indian elephant!

Vintage bottle perfumes from the 30's.

To visit the market, get off at Edgware Road station (Hamersmith&City or District lines). Map here

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  1. That looks like a really fun market. My grandmother had a lamp very similar to the white and gold one.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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