I remember being at some kind of precious gemstones  fair as a child and being fascinated with all the beautiful and mysterious stones there. It seemed like they all had a story behind them and were just so beautiful.
Coming back to my childhood memories, I rediscovered the precious stones in design recently and have a serious crush on all kind of pretty stones but especially - the amethyst.
I find them most beautiful and interesting in their natural, raw form for both home decor and jewelry and I cannot wait to put my hand on one!!
Oh, and they make a great shelf accessory or a desk paper weight as well (like this one)!!

1 Candle // 2 Set of stones // 3 Yellow box // 4 Transparent box// 5 Decorative object // 
6 Silver leaf box // 7 Amethyst on base // 8 Bottle stopper 

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