There is something about the canopy beds. They transform the bedroom, make it more spectacular and sophisticated, add volume to the space and create a boutique hotel atmosphere in your own home. I think they look just stunning and I would hesitate between one of those and a high upholstered headboard for my future home..hmm tough. I love how differently can a canopy bed be styled and how far from one another the looks are. My personal favourite is  the modern take on a canopy bed, without the curtains and drapery. The drapery look is perfect is you want to achieve a sweet romantic or more traditional look, especially when using chinoiserie patterns and brighter colours. No matter what style you are going for, remember to keep the room very symmetrical - this will help to achieve a very sophisticated. Some say canopy bed only makes them thing of a holiday hotel room- I think the pictures below prove them wrong! Have a look to get inspired, I really like all of those rooms and how beautifully decorated they are!

Which one is your favorite? x

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