Heyyy, with a 21st of March today, we can officially say that the winter is over! Finally!! I hope that the weather will obey the calendar this year and will not surprise us with an extra snow! I could not survive that after several months with surprisingly few sunlight,even for Paris. 
Well let's hope we will be finally able to enjoy some beautiful days! I am so excited about the walks, warm weather, sun, colours, pastels and everything else Spring brings with it!
Spring is my favourite time if the year, even if I love the other 2 (sorry winter) and it's all about hope and fun. This spring is going to be a major change for me because I am moving to London the very next week. 
I am a little stressed about the whole moving thing, trying to get everything done until I go and about job research bu I am mostly happy and excited about the new adventures and opportunities. 
I am spending Easter Sunday with my family in Paris and then au revoir Paris, hello London!
Wish me good luck!
Are you making any major changes in your life this Spring??

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