I don't usually make any New Year's Eve resolutions, but I always try to look at the upcoming year as a new challenge and occasion to achieve more and grow, as a person and career wise as well.
I managed to do everything I wanted in 2013 and it looks like a good luck is on my side for now.
I planned to move to London and start my interior design course which I did, both, one after another in April and September.
I looked for a job that will let me grow and learn and be rewarding and fulfilling in the same time and after a straggle, interviews and working as a sales assistant for a brief while I finally did. 

I moved to London with nothing with a dream to work in the interior design field and it starts to work out for me. I guess when you are really passionate about something, believe in yourself and don't take a "no" for an answer, the universe works its way to help you. I don't say I am there yet completely but I am happy to have a chance to prove myself and work my way up. 

This year resolutions are more plans as well than wishes or promises and I am going to do everything I can to achieve them. I am not worrying, I feel this year is going to be amazing:

1. Expand and grow this blog.
Starting out in the blogs world is a hard work and I feel like, even that I try to post as much as I can, I still don't do it often enough and the posts are not always perfect and it frustrates me a lot. So this year I will try to post at least 5 days a week and in addition to inspirational posts include more of my original projects. (Which is connected to the resolution number 2). Also, I think it is time to invest in a serious, professional blog layout so there are changes to come that I am really excited about.

2. Grow the portfolio. 
I am currently working on some projects, including my sister's bedroom and my own and hopefully this year there will be more to come. I promise to document, photograph and share everything in here and any of your feedback and thoughts will be much appreciated!

3. Learn as much as possible. 
Every field is demanding and requires relentless getting new skills and knowledge and it is definitely a case of interior design. So this year is all about getting them, reading, explore, watching, seeing, admiring and experiencing, taking drawing, Autocad and fabric printing classes and make the best of how amazing London is in terms of interior design.

I tell the kids this all of the time...I'd rather spend money on adventures then materialistic items that will mean nothing to us in a few years. Memories...those are what I live for. Making them and reflecting on them.
4. Travel. 
I find travelling very resourcing and inspiring, not of course to mention the relaxing part. I want to visit at least on of the European capitals that I didn't see yet this year and finally go to NYC.


5. Live life to the fullest. 
And by that I understand enjoying every single moment of it, not to worry too much, spend more time with the people I care about and show them more love.
Spending more time out, not to put anything for tomorrow and don't be afraid to be myself. Speak up when I don't like something and try to express my feelings better. I won't hesitate too much and follow my heart. And remember that what I think and feel matter as much as what other think and feel.
I will try to be always honest with others and myself and take decisions that are the best for me. Oh and yes, don't worry at all what other people think about my decisions and choices, just do what makes me happy and what I believe in. Be the person I would like to have for a best friend. Love more, worry less, laugh more and show more kindness to people. Let myself go. Be silly. Appreciate what people do for me and recognize true friends. Stay away from the fake ones. I'll surround myself with positiveness and always hope for the best.

What are your 2014 resolutions? I wish you to have the best year of your lives! With love, Monika

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