So guys. I posted the first thing about my bedroom make-over here which was literally over a year ago, what the heck? I was planning for this post much faster obviously but I haven't gotten around to actually do much about my bedroom. I bought bits and pieces here and then but I didn't really put the whole thing together. But I thought before I share the finished room I will share progress and the before pictures with you for now.

So just for a little bit of background, I moved to this apartment 2 years ago and I've been living there since with my sister. We were really lucky to find it and I really like how cosy it is. My sister is barely there sharing her life between a boyfriend in Paris and a travelling job so I have the place to myself a lot of times.

The apartment has one bigger and one smaller bedroom and I've taken the smaller one (I don't remember how we decided about it but I felt like the smaller was meant for me despite the tiny size).
When I say small I mean "only a double bed and chest of drawers" small. Which is fine as there is a big living space but it means there is no much space to decorate so it's important to chose the right items as there is only as much that can fit!

I have a Svelvik bed (which apparently doesn't exist anymore, I think they replace it with this??) and the Malm chest of drawers from Ikea from my previous apartment so I didn't have to buy any furniture. I asked the landlord to remove the bed that was previously there as I didn't want to get rid of mine (which was a good idea apparently since it disappeared from the website). 

So here is how the bedroom looked few months ago, not really nice, I know - but this is what the before pictures are for, right? 
The walls were standard Magnolia when we moved in so we spent a whole day painting the walls one day to cover it. Our lovely landlord let us paint it in off-white so we went with this paint from Home base own brand which was really cheap but I have to say it did the job and it dried super fast for us to do 2 layers in one day (of 3 rooms).

So that how it looked in the beginning and to be honest there hasn't been that many changes since but it looks a little bit better still. There is still a lot to add, I am waiting for few special deliveries, especially the poster to go above the bed, scatter cushions and nice new bedding, can't wait!

And here is a little updated mood-board with what's still coming and can't wait to share the finished room with you! xx

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