Hey you guys, I hope you are having a good week so far, I've been kind of tired myself, can't wait for the weekend! And I hope it will be as sunny as the last one! 
Today I have some feathers inspirations for home decoration, I've been kind of obsessed with those for a while and I found some great, easy DIY for you to try.


So how about making a dream catcher? So easy to make and would look awesome on the drawer with your favorite stuff, use your favorite colors and say bye bye to bad dreams :) (Click for the image for more). You'll find feathers here or here


Eastern in actually pretty soon, why not to decorate the table with feathers? I love this spring composition of feathers and sprigs, looks so rustically and fresh, perfect for this time a year.

And that's an awesome idea for eggs decorating for Eastern.

Another one for a table, how amazing is this place card???

Those 2 are my favorites, I would love to have it in a cute vase on my desk, drawer or bedside table, the mix of white and gold always definitely always works. 
All you need if white feathers like the one here, gold spray paint and eventually some gold glitter. Click on images below for tutorials. 

ps. Also works for pink <3
What about a feather suspension? Yes, nope?
Love this cute tray!

What do you think guys? Any other ideas for using feathers as decoration?? xx

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