Have you guys already seen those drawings of floor plans of popular TV shows by Inaki Aliste Lizzaralde?  I was watching Friends today and I was like: "I like Ross' pillows, "This couch in the coffee shop is awesome", "Monica's has great armchair" so I wanted to check the pictures of the apartment on google and found those!! I love them. It's funny how the apartments look completely different on TV and on paper. Well of course the camera change a lot, but there is still great to see it in those 2 perspectives!

Here is Monica's and Rachel's apartment from Friends:

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from Sex and the city:

Sheldon's and Leonard"s and Penny's apartments from The bing bang theory:

Ted's, Marshal's and Lily's apartment from How I met you mother apartment:

See the rest of drawings here.

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