Hey, welcome back you guys, sorry again about my absence last week. Mea culpa. In the craziness of those last week there was so many things that I liked and didn't have time to share them here!! I will start with my current obsession: oriental inspired interiors and details! There is so much of the inspiration there, from Middle East to North Africa, I can't seem to have enough. There is something magical about those countries and cultures, some mystical energy and mystery.I love the mix of modern interior with oriental accents and I am crazy about those:


Pink pink!!! Hot and pale! Beautiful in Marocco!!


This  room is amazing! I love this throw and the contrasts!!



I am loving this bedroom so much! Perfect balance between the Orient and contemporary

Total look!

Monochromatic chic + fabulous chandelier!

This rug is insane!!


Get the style: 

I searched Internet and found some pearls. First of all I found this awesome website with original Moroccan rugs and among them this vintage babe (1). Love at first sight. 
For handcrafted items from Morocco check Beldi ( 2 and 4). Great online store with beautiful pieces and the prices are very affordable.
For similar tea glasses (3) look in Moroccan Bazaar. They also have a wide range of furniture and rugs!! 
I jusy love the shape and color of this side table (5)! I would love to have it at home.
6, 7 and 8 will totally make you feel like in Ham-mam in your own bathroom!!!
9, 10, 11 - nothing gives more of the atmosphere then a proper, shady lighting. Love those as well!
What about the Moroccan head board (12)?? Hand made and unique, I believe it's worth it's price!!
And last but not least this silver, metal side table (13) that would be add some personality to any space.

Do you like oriental accents at home??
Tisbah `ala khair everyone

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